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18 Oct
Boots Riley - Writer, Director
The 2018-19 awards season has officially begun with the nominations announcement for the 2018 Gotham Awards. The awards ceremony, presented by the Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP), consists of 10 awards given to independent features and series.
18 Oct
Jesus Trejo - Talent
AARP Studios has announced its first feature project, documentary Care to Laugh. The doc follows Jesus Trejo, a stand-up comedian that has appeared on The Late Late Show and at the Comedy Store, as he navigates his career in Los Angeles while caring
06 Oct
Nosipho Dumisa - Director
Ahead of its theatrical release in the United States, we have an exclusive new trailer for Number 37, the Hitchcockian thriller from South African filmmaker Nosipho Dumisa. The film screened at the SXSW Film Festival earlier this year.  Int this
04 Oct
Andrew Levitas / Metalwork Pictures – Producer, Financier
Kate Beckinsale, Jason Sudeikis, Edie Falco, John Malkovich and Jillian Bell are closing deals to join Charlie Day’s feature directorial debut El Tonto which starts shooting this month in Los Angeles. The Armory Films and Metalworks Pictures
04 Oct
Theresa Caputo - Talent
Theresa Caputo is an average mom from Long Island in every way except one: she talks to the dead. Theresa spends her days with her loving family and helping individuals connect to the spirits of their departed loved ones. This is not her job…this is
28 Sep
Zainab Johnson - Talent
Comedian Zainab Johnson performs stand-up on Late Night with Seth Meyers.
26 Sep
Ryan Coogler - Producer
MGM and Warner Bros have released the newest trailer for Creed 2, the follow-up to the hit Rocky franchise reboot that stars Michael B. Jordan as the son of Apollo Creed and Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa, now training Jordan’s Adonis Creed. The
25 Sep
Jamila Daniel - Writer
With Dawson (Monica Raymund) posed to exit the firehouse and a new paramedic looking to fill the hole she leaves behind, Chicago Fire's seventh season will be all about second chances. For Casey (Jesse Spencer), that means picking up after his
19 Sep
Ryan Coogler - Producer
On social media today, LeBron James on his Spring Hill Entertainment handle announced that Black Panther filmmaker Ryan Coogler will produce the long-awaited Warner Bros. sequel Space Jam 2 with Terence Nance directing. Nance created HBO’s Random
19 Sep
Brendan Walter - Director; Jonathan Lullo - Producer
You probably got to know Patrick Stump from hearing him sing Pete Wentz's lyrics. In that, he's a rare case: a lead singer from a massively successful rock band who's not recognized as the group's frontman. Stump's childhood friend was always the