BookUp: Where Lifelong Readers Begin

Client: Boomwriter - Technology Date: 02-10-2017

This summer, BookUp continues our successful summer programming through the Department of Youth and Community Development in NYC. But this time, we are also collaborating with BoomWriter on a special project that highlights how confident readers become confident writers. BoomWriter is an online tool used in thousands of schools that allows students to write a story collaboratively. Each student writes a chapter, and, through Boom Writer’s team of educators, they get individual editorial feedback. Then the class votes to decide which student’s chapter is the strongest and should be included in the final version of the story.

For our collaboration, summer BookUp instructors, who are all award-winning authors, will write the first chapter of a story, and in the first BookUp session they’ll look at the chapter with the students and talk about the storytelling element in it, e.g. voice or setting. (The book they read together that week in the BookUp will also complement these storytelling element.) Now the students will be prepared to write and contribute their own chapters to the story they’re working on together. After just one month, the students will walk away with three books by published authors for their home libraries, plus they’ll have hard copy of the four chapter story they created in BookUp that was published by BoomWriter.

This project is very much in line with BookUp’s year long sessions. While our students are developing a deep relationship with reading, they’re also building their confidence with public speaking and group collaboration and honing their voices on the page. Each year, we publish an anthology of their best writing and art. The anthology offers the students the unique thrill of being a published author and it gives them the opportunity to read work from other BookUp students across the country.

Check back for the BoomWriter anthology in the fall, but you can find our 2016 BookUp anthology here.