The Best TV Shows Of 2017 So Far

Client: Ronny Chieng - Creator, Writer, Talent Date: 07-12-2017

With so much TV to devour, it’s tough to get through it all so leave a comment with your recommendations for the year so far. Each one of our picks has details of how you can watch it right now but keep in mind a few shows come with an “it’s complicated” warning due to silly TV programmers and backwards distribution channels in Australia.

Get on your comfiest trackies, order your body weight in pizza and prepare to catch up on the best because the golden age of TV just went platinum.

Ronny Chieng: International Student

It hasn’t been the best start to the year for Australian television, so it’s a relief that Ronny Chieng: International Student popped up. The show is based on the real experiences of stand-up comedian, Ronny Chieng, who relocated to Australia in 2009 to study law and commerce.

Ronny Chieng: International Student pokes fun at Australian life from the perspective of a group of students from overseas who discover studying here wasn’t going to be a breeze. Gags are aimed dodgy university facilities, preppy white upper-class medical students and a few cultural clashes that deliver a good dose of cultural cringe.

Is there more? Ronny Chieng: International Student was part of the ABC’s Comedy Showroom where they asked for public feedback on six comedy pilots. The show got a great reaction and scored a first season but there is no word yet on a second.

Can you watch now? Ronny Chieng: International Student season one is available on ABC iView.